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Join us in Berlin as business developer

Are you in Berlin, interested in healthcare, and have a gift for shaping business deals? Then it might be just the right time to get in touch with us and change the German pharmaceutical market.

In der Apotheke will tell patients which pharmacies have their medicines in stock, so they go and pick it up without having to wait. For the people who are in urgent need of the medication, this is sometimes a life-saving service.

In Poland, where we started two years ago (, we now have about 500 pharmacies and more than 200,000 visits monthly.

What do we need to start in Germany? In the beginning, mostly talk to pharmacies, as well as other partners, in order to agree on cooperation.

What better way to do that than to hire you and let you build credential for yourself on a very interesting market? Let's create the most important German healthcare startup together :)

We require:

  • Ability to speak perfect German
  • Natural interest in talking to people and making business deals
  • High work ethics

It would be nice if you also had:

  • Previous experience in B2B sales, especially to small companies
  • Interest in technology
  • Experience or education related to pharmaceutical market.

Get in touch by sending application to

Farewell, Google Maps

Google decided to make Maps its next billion dollar business by raising prices 14 times and decreasing free usage limit almost 30 times, all with minimal notice period. Fortunately, the move energised map competitors. Apple Maps, Mapbox, TomTom - which alternative is best for mid- and larger sites?

E-prescription in the UK, Germany, Estonia and Poland

E-prescription pilot in Poland is planned to be started this February. How the Polish solution compares to those in other countries? Is e-prescription a potential threat or opportunity for pharmacies? Will it hurt independent pharmacies, which do not have enough funds for investing in technology and marketing? We looked at e-prescription experience in the UK, Estonia and Germany.

How startups expand to other countries

We are hard at work to launch in Germany, after the initial success we had in our home country, Poland. As a startup, we had to choose a strategy of international expansion. Fast or slow? How many countries at once and which ones? Here are some highlights of our thinking.

Hello, Berlin

We did the research and we developed the technology some time in advance, but only now we put "boots on the ground" to prepare the launch in Germany, starting from Berlin.